Mods... You need to fix this somehow @.@

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  1. I did the video myself.
    I DID NOT EXPLOIT ITEMS MORE THAN I HAD. THAT WAS THE FIRST TIME I DID THAT IN EMC. I ONLY DO IT IN MY SINGLEPLAYER WORLD. (I have 9999 torches and snow blocks there btw. all in one stack.)
  2. lol - I had no idea they still made cheat apps like this. I used to use them back in windows 3.1 days.

    Anyway - I very much doubt it would work on a server. And its hardly anything a mod on here can fix.
  3. Any duplicating or hacking items into the game could result in a Ban. There is nothing a Moderator or Admin can do about this. You videoing you hacking/duplicating items could get you into some trouble. I suggest you don't do it unless you want to get in deep trouble.
  4. Lol, cheat engine wouldnt even work on a server, because all of the inventory files are stored in the server, not on your computer, i dont know what he is achieving by trying to trick us into thinking he can duplicate items but...
  5. If it does work and does duplicate/hack items into games there could be a big problem for him.
  6. Sorry but all you are doing is modifying the client side display. In reality you did not have extra items and you would learn this if you tried to place them all. In MP the server does NOT trust the client for inventory control, it is all stored server side.
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  7. I have decided to lock this thread do to the number of complaints coming of players concerned that you can hack your inventory. Please stop telling people that you can do so because in reality you CANT.
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