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  1. I was wondering if someone could take the time and tell me a step by step guide of how to install optifine. I have heard that is a VERY good mod and i would like to try it out. I have no clue of how to download or install mods on minecraft. So if anyone could be generous enough, please post a step by step guide of how to install the mod: OPTIFINE

    And also please post the possible texture packs that are aloud on this server, and how to install them too.

    Im obviously not good with computers. :)
  2. Steps to install optifine:
    1. Download preffered optifine
    2. open %appdata%/Roaming/.minecraft/bin
    3. Open minecraft.jar with 7zip or winrar and open up the optifine download too
    4. put ALL the files from the optifine zip to minecraft.jar
    6. ???
    7. profit
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  3. ?????????
  4. Steps to install a texture pack:
    1. Go to %appdata%/Roaming/.minecraft/texturepacks
    2. Download the texture pack
    3. Put the ZIP (dont extract!) into texturepacks folder
    4. ???
    5. profit
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  5. you didnt understand or what?
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  6. my minecraft wont open, i have to play in browser. And how do i get to all of that?
  7. *facepalm* I think you can't install texture packs or mods in the browser version, so i should recommend trying to see whats wrong with your minecraft if you really want to install those things.
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  8. It hasn't been working for about two months. we haven't tryed installing it again, Imma do that later today. THanks for your help though!
  9. no problem, sorry that i couldn't actually help you in the browser cause i play installed version
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  10. Everything gets me a step closer. Thank you again.