mods and admins and owner read this!!!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by rock_candy, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. my acc rock_candy in minecraft got hacked so i gona buy a new so is it anyways that i can get my stuff to my new acc if i buy a new acc??
    and plz dont destroy my plots :(
  2. I used this guys enchantment table! He's a good man!
  3. Sign-in on the server as rock_candy and give permissions to your new account :) Also please private message me (click on my name) and we can arrange to have your supporter status switched.
  4. the problem is i cant sign in becuse somenwon hacked me and havent bought a new minecraft acc yet :(
  5. Well, maybe if someone has hacked you they have no place on the Empire. A member of staff could ban rock_candy as soon as you get a new account. As Justin said, be sure to let him know when you get your new account, and he can switch the supporter over for you :)
  6. i have bought minecraft now and i have played some days on smp4 now my minecraft name is
  7. may i ask why you bought a "new minecraft" where you could totally go to and retrieve your password / change it and whatnot?

    Either way to avoid abuse from ANYONE, ban "rock_candy" (the character/toon) from Empire

    why u'd take this long (some days) to let admins know? did you got your account back? or you just let teh "hacker" "own" your account and EMC access credentials for this long?

    For the record i just reported "rock_candy" using the /report feature with the reason "Hacker claim on forums" I dont want to have any hacker running loose in EMC