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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by thefroyobro, Oct 14, 2015.

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  1. The mod Seffychan banned me for 30 with no evidence i greifed and i did not she said becaus ei have polished blocks i had greifed a place that had them as well so id like to get this out there im not banned anymore but i feel seffychan should be removed as a mod for ausing power and false acusations also she lied and said the server had a plugin to read the blocks i break and place but i know this is not true because it is impossible to code that.
  2. Reporting staff needs to be sent to and only to her. This is only worsening the situation and potentially instigating drama.

    EDIT - Also, that plugin is totally possible and it exists on plenty of servers, including EMC. Looks to me like you got caught red-handed but I'll stay out of it.
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  3. This is not the place to post this. If you with to appeal PM the staff member, but all actions from staff happen for a reason. As well, if you feel as if moderators are abusing their power ( which to me isn't the case here ) pm krysyy and seffychan about it.

    As well, EMC does have a plug-in that allows staff to see where you where, and what blocks you broke.
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  4. I don't wanna be the buzz killer, but if you need to solve this kind of issues I think you should contact the Staff... And not well... Post it on the forums... I hope this helps solving your issue! And Sorry for you being banned...
  5. There you go, you griefed, totally ban worthy. I'm defending seffy as she is an amazing mod, and she did this for the right reason, you griefed someone's base, and made the mead, :p
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  6. Staff can see who placed and mined a block. Most likely you did what SeffyChan told you and the thread not allowed.
  7. Maybe a mod should use their powers to close this thread? You should talk to Krysyy. She manages this stuff. Nice and fair too.
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  8. Error; it is possible the plugin is true
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  9. Thread closed.

    Your options:
    Contact Krysyy at if you feel you were banned unjustly
    Contact Seffychan to appeal your ban:

    Edit: You got a 30 day ban which has expired. So no need to appeal. You can still contact Krysyy if you truly feel you need to.
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