ModLoader, Forge, compatibility, head starting to hurt, aagh

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  1. I've just found out that InventoryTweaks no long supports ModLoader, and instead requires Forge to run, but Reis Minimap and Control Pack requires ModLoader.....


    Anyone have a good combination of a map, inventory organiser mod, Control pack and Optifine?
  2. I'm using Rei on Forge. Just plop it in the Coremods file and it works.
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  3. You can use Rei's with forge :)
  4. Forge pretty much has modloader built into it and so any mod that requires modloader is compatible with Minecraft Forge ;)
  5. Really? Damned if I can get any of it to work together.

    I'm using MagicLauncher - when I stick on Forge as the primary mod, even by itself, it shows one error. Then I load in Optfine which says OK. But the game wont load, it just sticks on the brown patterned screen.

  6. You may have to force update with the regular launcher. Then add the forge for 1.5.1 of course. It'll say 1 error, it always does but then just Optifine after, put Rei in coremods and I think you may have to load it in like the rest of the mods for it to work. Mine takes a few minutes to log me in but that's typical.
  7. I prefer installing mods manually so I don't use MagicLauncher, which might be getting in the way.

    Install Forge (universal then just drag+drop into .jar and delete Meta-inf)
    then Optifine
    Inv Tweaks
    Rei's Minimap

    Remember to backup and run Minecraft after you install each mod so you know which one is the problem if there is one. :)
  8. I have rie's map and control pack and optifine and using forge
  9. Magic Launcher hasn't been updated yet to detect Forge Universal correctly, so it displays one error. I have InventoryTweaks mod installed as well using Magic Launcher.

    Here are some pics of the setup:

    Mod Setup

    Main menu when Forge is installed.

    Lastly the mod will display in the mod list.