[MODING HELP] Inventory Tweaks without Forge

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  1. Hey guys.

    I want to stop using forge, since Forge lags a lot for me.
    Because of this, I need a version of Inventory Tweaks (the legit version) for non forge.
    Basically I can just delete Meta-Inf, and put the class files into the version .jar.

    Will pay 10k to the person who makes it work!
    You can also ask others from different aources; you don't have to make it yourself.
    As long as it is modified from the legit Inventory Tweaks, not a dumb copied mod.
    There's some info.

  2. You could always install Optifine along with Forge to make the game run smoother.
  3. There's another reason I don't want to use Forge, and I prefer not to say.
    I just need a way to install Inventory Tweaks :(
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  4. Bump!
    Please help!