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  1. Hey guys,
    When that "BIG" Update that Justin is working on comes out, will there be a need for more mods? I have some people I want to vote as Mods

    1.TeCk_: he is a loyal and trustworthy friend who never fails to help others in need. He is the proud owner of the largest Spleef arena in EMC ( as far as I know) and also contributes alot
    2.Xx_Hex_xX: Even though he might seem like a crafty and suspicious guy, he is helpful and also strict in his ways and will become a good Mod.
    3.PuredBest: He is a good businessman in the world of Minecraft and may be able to solve problems regarding to rupees.He also owns the FASTEST cobble generator in EMC.( 2nd is jaxo10 who has a generator almost as fast as pured's. 3rd is yours truly, but my cobble gen may lag because of the server. All our cobble gens are based on pistons.)
    4. Rainbop: he is a friendly and approachable guy who has a lot of money and is generous as well. I recommend him as he may be able to help the newbies that just entered EMC and can start them off with a little bit of money to buy some basic materials to build a house.
    5.__________ erm im not really sure XD
  2. Right now i see no need for more mods. Maybe when we get the 2nd server.
  3. I read the list, lol'd... read it again and rofl'd... that is all.
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  4. i wasn't going to say anything :p