Moderators need to let people handle their own problems...

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  1. Today I got banned for 24hrs for begging and being a nuisance me and Alexchance were arguing because I was spamming very slowly I would just repeat my text every like minute and a half. But I don't blame Alex since he did have the right idea but what I'm saying here is that the moderaters need to let the people of EMC work things out them selves sometimes and not just immediately bash you with the 24hr ban hammer...-also right when I apologized I got baned for 24hrs...
  2. Nobody wants hear spam, no matter how far spread out it is. If it takes you that long for them to find out your spamming, see the chat, see the reports, and then you apologize, i would just accept the ban. Why should they if you can't solve them yourself? You shouldn't be spamming in the first place, it shouldn't be their job to monitor if you can handle it yourself or if you're going to annoy a bunch of people first.
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  3. I believe the mods do their jobs well. There HAVE been a few times when the 24hr time ban was implemented and shouldnt have been more than a kick but all in all, the mods have kept most petty arguments from escalating into something more. I have been on many times when someone came on and was just plain rude or cussing relentlessly and i thank the mods for being quick to respond to most situations.
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  4. They typically do let people handle it themselves until the problem gets out of hand then they have to step in. You also have to remember that handling problems is their responsibility. The moderators are here to moderate, not to sit back and watch problems unfold and escalate.
  5. Lol, pathetic. This made me crack up.

    But in all seriousness, 1. you were pasting it every 15-20 seconds and 2. the moderator didn't step in immediately, it took almost 2o minutes. We did tell you that you would get banned, but you insisted that if you were doing the wrong thing that they would have banned you already. As the first post reads, no body likes spammers, and I don't think he was ONLY banning you for the offence (because what you did was without question, wrong - and you did get warned several times by myself and Jeremy, whilst you "lol'd" it off), but he banned you to teach you a lesson.
  6. Lol when I read Alex's Post I laughed a bit too. Lol and now I wonder why I posted this...
  7. Okay and I just got the other half of ur message. I was missing the whOle part below pethetic and loling. Thank u Alex I now know what I did was wrong.
  8. i like how u said I lold it off BUT it is true I did and the way u said it was funny and I don't have a problem with spam since I'm used to maplestory spam in the FM CH 1 idk why people hate spam someone shine some light on hating spam please!
  9. i hate spam because of...

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  10. People don't like spam because it is repetitive, annoying, and a nuisance in the chat. Seeing >!@>@!>@>!@!!!!!!!!!!HElpM3PLZ@@@!!! is not only frustrating to read, but completely unnecessary. Asking if someone sells something more than 3 times (in my opinion) is also unnecessary. If no one responds, it is likely that no one on the server sells the product you are looking for. I suggest if this happens check the database that has been set up or just type /v random for a while. You can also go ask once or twice on other servers and bring the items back using the /vault command.

    It sounds like you were warned by other players that you would be banned if you didn't stop doing what you were doing, so I suggest just riding out the temp ban and thinking more wisely about what you say in the chat. Also, refer to the Empire Guide's commandments to refresh yourself on the rules. I'm not saying you're going to break any more, I'm just saying it is a good way to remind yourself of what is right and wrong.

    EDIT: Was going to add the 5th commandment, but smooch beat me!
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  11. I got scared when my alerts bar said ISMOOCH commented I was like ohhhh snap. I'm scared is what I said since u have banned
    Me b4. I almost had a heart attack but then I was like oh he's just helping me ,okay ,nvm then, in my mind lol
  12. Please sir, give me permission to spam his thread? :3
  13. Likei said before I don't mind spam so u may spam me if smooch says its okay. Also I would just get trophy points from your spam bc I bearaly have 1
  14. I just won't spam u bak
  15. This thread is losing sense and validity to me. I am going to lock it now
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