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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by TaylorGang, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. Is there anyway to get MORE mods in Utopia and have them stay in the wild? This is the THIRD day in a row the grinder/xp farm has been griefed and I'm sure someone will be able to spot whose doing it. It's getting really irritating to help make things for the community and come back and see it torn up.
  2. Having a moderator in Utopia for prolonged periods of time is not a good thing.

    The best thing I can offer for you to do, is wait around, and watch, maybe in the distance to see if anyone comes to it. Using /map hide would be very useful here, plus, camp it out in sneak mode, your name tag disappears when you do that.

    Doing this will enable you to get a screenshot of the culprit at hand. Remember f2 is a reporters best friend :)
  3. i would watch all the time but with school and work, it's hard.. but i'll try :)
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  4. Thats the best thing to do, moderators don't have time to sit around, waiting endlessly, they do rely on players to help them out :)
  5. The reason we don't spend a tremendous amount of time on Utopia is because it is alot quieter and we agreed that we would only have multiple lots on smp servers because that is where the chat needs to be monitored a great deal more then Utopia. That being said we still do visit Utopia to mine and collect resources, but I will make sure an effort to keep a live map open and keep an eye on the spawner when I am there for you. But if the perps are hiding themselves on the live map, which everyone has the ability to do there, then it may be of little use watching live map.
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  6. hey that'd be great shaun. I don't think half of the people that grief are smart enough to do that.. :p
  7. Yeah is this the grinder at the spawn?
  8. Yes main grinder just south of main spawn on utopia.

    That's no problem, I don't usually live map so it is no problem having it open on second monitor. :)
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  9. Well It getting griefed ALL the time :(
  10. sucks when ppl destroy your stuff doesnt it but you were maybe worse than whoever did this to you
  11. Man, I feel like someone revived a totally dead thread for no reason. *lock*
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