Moderator Perks

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  1. Hello I am just interested to see what moderator perks there are IE: like a diamond supporter.

    Do they even get any perks?
  2. we get to serve the EMC community at a higher level =)
  3. lol, should have thought about that i was talking about like, extra rupees, extra res, supporter slot
  4. Yeah.
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  5. okay all i was wondering thanks
  6. Being a mod isn't abot perks. It is The part where you become better than everyone else. By just being a moderator you become naturally more awesome than the norm.
  7. I know i am just curios how they get so much rupees
  8. Maybe they are pro. Even normal player like d1223m is rich
    Because he's awesome and dominate enchanted item market.

    Being moderator isn't about perk.
    It's about helping empire become even better. :)

    Like someone being a police not because they got perk to wield gun around and got badge and a siren to make everyone on the road let them go first. But because they want to get rid of criminal to make the community a betterplace. :)
    (BTW this exclude corrupted and dirty cops)
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  9. All moderators play the game legit, just like regular players. There are a few perks like additional lots on smp servers so we have some place to work when we are on each server, but any tools we possess are for official server use only and not used in our general private play activity. To answer your initial question though, yes we recieve perks equal to a supporter level. :)
  10. I believe Justin's minions moderators keep the empire store stocked with goods by toiling away day in day out, in dank underground mines. Their perks include toilet breaks every three hours, a 10 minute lunch break where they dine on the empire's lumpiest gruel, enjoy the use of a communal sweat rag, and even allowed to keep their leg irons.

    I'm pretty sure that's how it works.
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  11. Are you a spy? I could get in trouble for even speaking to you since I am in a way confirming your suspicions...
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