Moderator/admin block collection.

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by brandop123, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Brandop123 is making a place for moderator/admins/crazy1080 to place a block with a sign on it saying that you put it there.
    i dont know why i want to but i think it would be cool.
    if any moderators or admins want to post below and come to res 6684 on smp3.
    lets see if i can get every moderator's signature.
  2. Why do you say your own name?
  3. idk in the forums i just do so people know who the thread is by.
  4. It says your name to the left, under your avatar.
  5. ik just incase
  6. SillyWhiteMage thinks 3rd person referencing is fun.
  7. FTW!
  8. lol this is getting no where
  9. Yeah just hide Justin with his bodyguards, otherwise you will see a crowd at your res as soon as he arrives :p
    Today there was a whole maddness around him xD
    Here a pic about half people who was following him:
    2012-02-26_20.08.12.png Justin jumped> everyone jumped. LOL
  10. lol ya ik i was there.but not in the pic