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  1. Hey guys, some people have been swearing and ive said so but nothing happens? Moderators should be on much more because people are getting away with swearing alot. We need to fix this so the server can be served with justice! :cool:
  2. Please, if the moderators are not on, its helps if people like yourself get a screen cap, and send it in via a private message to Justin or Jeremy or any other moderator for that matter :)
  3. Kk thanks, i still think there should be more moderators on at once. :rolleyes:
  4. Well, when Jeremy sees the need he will add more moderators, bare in mind though the last thing this server needs is wrongly appointed moderators :)
  5. We moderators have real lives to attend to as well. You must realize we are not paid staff, we are volunteer staff.
    Please understand that we have many staff members, but we can not guarantee that everyone will be on to cover every server every minute of every day...
    We depend on our members to take screen shots and send in actual proof of things that have been occurring when no staff are online so that we can correct major instances...
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  6. Exactly what I was trying to say :)
  7. Also remember a lot of MMO's don't even have moderated chat. We try our best but we can't read and react to every single messages on each server all day :)

    You can also ignore people using the /ignore command :)
  8. Yes, typing /ch ignore <playername> is an instant problem solver when it comes to chat related stuff.

    Learn it! Use it!

    /ch ignore <playername> = Poof! Problem solved for you instantly!
  9. Also, to reiterate what MR2 and Twitch said, if you take a screenshot and get it to us we will ban people if we feel what we see warrants it.

    This isn't an instant solution for the community as the person will not be banned right away, but it is a solution. And after you take the screenshot you can type /ch ignore <playername> and solve the problem for yourself right then and there.

    Don't underestimate the power of ignoring someone. Use it!

    Never feel like you have to pay attention to anyone. Never feel bad about shutting someone out who's being a pain.

    Take control of your world and ignore those who get on your nerves!

    Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone chose to /ch ignore <playername> those who are a pain in the chat?
  10. Would it be possible to /ignore someone with mod or higher? :p say as, justin?
  11. Sure :)
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  12. thats mean..... lol jk
  13. Thanks guys, if anyone swears i can just ignore them, cool :D