Moderater Authority for Robberies

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  1. Hello. I have recently been robbed at my res of all valuable items. (glowstone, diamonds, high enchantments, etc). I contacted a moderator and they perma banned them as expected. However, I am worried that he/she won't care about their account and therefore just not bother to return any stolen items or materials. I think moderators should be able to have access to all residence chests/inventories to return stolen items. I realize that this is a stretch and some people will lie about what was stolen but I think this would make the process run more easily and guarantee the items to be returned. Please leave any thoughts or helpful comments. Thanks.
  2. Good idea, but people will abuse this.
  3. Not a good idea. This will just allow for mods to steal items from other players. Not saying they will but its a possibility.
  4. Senior staff can already bypass perms to access chests, however. I highly doubt they'll do so in a robbery unless you have some solid proof of what they stole (eg: the robber saying "ooh, look at my stealing your 27 stacks of glowstone and a dragon egg"), and even then, that's at a push.

    People can and always lie. That's where the problem.. lies. /badjoke
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  5. The Mods have no reason to steal from anyone. They play the game just like everyone else and are there to ENFORCE the rules not break them.
  6. True, but the point of moderators is to solve disputes and to give justice, not to steal. Moderators should be chosen more carefully if that were to happen.
  7. There IS a command for this on a regular server. It's called /inv see and maybe only let sen. staff only use it?
  8. Still Mods will are like the cops of a server. They can sometimes be corrupt. I know that the mods here are not but any new mods could just abuse the commands.
  9. No.
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  10. Since this is already bumped, I will go ahead and give the input from the Staff side. We are not perfect and could easily be "corrupt" unfortunately. The tools we are given to better help do the job of Moderating EMC are very helpful - but I wouldn't want any more power because I want to be on an even playing field with everyone else on the server. We play and build legit. I wouldn't want any powers like this tempting me to break the rules myself.
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