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  1. I have a few stupid questions about modding. (And don't give me that,"There are no stupid questions crap". There are and I am asking some.) So I recently came across a mod called ExtraBiomes XL.
    1. When I go to download it Chrome says that it may harm my computer, which I thought to be a little odd since this appears to be a well known mod. Is it actually going to harm my computer?
    2. The forum page says that the mod requires forge. But I remember reading that Magic Launcher has forge built in. Do I need forge for this mod if I am using Magic Launcher?
    3. I know that install order is important. My current list is I. Modloader II. Rei's Minimap III. Optifine. Where do I put this on the list?
    4. Is this okay to have installed while playing EMC?
  2. 1. Chrome says lots of files are harmful. May just be something it think's
    2. If are think it does try it. If it fails then download Forge too. Copy your minecraft.jar
    3. That list is ok and the mod would go last on it.
    4. Yeah, there is nothing such as flying etc in it? And it looks just single player world gen or something should be fine!
  3. Hi, the reason Chrome says it can be harmful is because it is a Jar File. I will leave someone else to answer the rest of the questions as I am unfamiliar with Magic Launcher mostly
  4. Thanks guys.
  5. The install order is correct. You are correct that Magic Launcher has a built in Forge but it doesn't contain FML(Forge Mod Loader). FML is needed for the mods that require ModLoader, so downloading Forge Universal is necessary in using mods that are dependent on that particular API.

    Your current list is fine. You can use ModLoader which Rei's MiniMap is dependent on and from then on you can continue to look for mods that just require ModLoader, though if you see a mod down the road that only requires Forge then using Forge Universal proves more beneficial since it contains FML.

    Install order of mods displayed in pics below.

    Mods without an API:

    Mods with ModLoader:

    Mods with Forge Universal: Magic Launcher hasn't been updated yet to detect Forge Universal correctly, so it displays one error.

    I've also found an in depth tutorial video on Magic Launcher.

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  6. Thank you very much.
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  7. No problem. :cool:

    It would be nice if the creator of the launcher had a better tutorial on his thread. He doesn't seem to update his OP very often...

    Edit: A good rule of thumb is to always have OptiFine last in the install order list. So the ExtraBiomesXL mod could go above or below Rei's MiniMap.