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  1. Can the Empire have the turret mod? That will be awesome
  2. If you would like to recommend a mod to be approved for use on the EMC servers, please post in this thread. Before you do post, however, you might want to dig up a link to the mod or at least a video of it being used.
  3. I'm not familiar with this turret mod, but a server-side plugin would belong in its own thread, because it would be a suggestion. The thread you linked to is for checking whether client-side addons are allowed.
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  4. Ah, now that I think about it, that would probably be a better course of action. I guess I was just a little mislead from seeing people request for certain server-side mods in that thread and not getting scolded for posting in the wrong area.
  5. If I am honest with the OP, I think they lack proper thought but they gave me a good laugh.
  6. I can tell you that most mods that require a server to have a mod and everyone playing to have a client side mod will not be considered, sorry.