Mod Wool Art - by: Adonrabkin

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  1. So while doing my normal today on smp9 i learn of some wool art being done on smp6 " of myself and atm a few others" i figure ill wait till im called to come see it. Well to say the least the wait was worth it, i was shocked.

    A Death on Death experience

    We got some other Good looking peeps going on here too! and more to come i hear
    Want to see this in person head on over to 13331 on smp6 - Deathtomb approved
  2. I stand by my previous statement...
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  3. lol u forgot the "d" in my name XD
  4. Nether Was right u are good looking
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  5. I check it out tomorrow looks great
  6. Dwight, im making you next. sadly, i have school this week, so it may take awhile.
  7. Just do a pixel art of Uncle Jesse, from Full House. :p
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