Mod Signed Books for SALE:

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  1. These are the following items
    * - denotes 1st book signed
    ** - denotes 1st book signed as a mod/staff/admin
    *** - denotes no longer a mod
    R0bbieJo *** OPEN
    Tikiman678 *** OPEN
    Crazy1080 *** OPEN
    MauryPoppins *** * OPEN
    Deathtomb8953 *** ** OPEN
    bitemenow15 *** OPEN (Negotiating)
    AlexChance OPEN (Negotiating)
    bonzd67 OPEN
    d1223m *** OPEN
    JackBiggin *** Sold
    5weety OPEN
    ISMOOCH *** Sold
    RainbowChin Sold
    Green_Mystery Sold
    Bigdavie * OPEN
    Shaunwhite1982 *** OPEN
    GameKribJim *** Sold
    Ignoramoose Sold
    Aikar Sold
    Maxarias OPEN (Negotiating)
    Krysyyjane9191 ** (Moderator, 11/4/2012) OPEN (Negotiating)

    Not sure what the average prices are so PM with offers and we can negotiate. I will only negotiate with one person at a time as not to have an auction like environment. I will denote which books are being negotiated about.
  2. a few on your list aren't on the staff team anymore, and is there a way to prove if it's their first book signed or not?
  3. Yes, which makes the books of some value, especially for the older players and sure I can post some screenies :)
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  4. Lol. Which one of mine do you have? I vaguely remember what I put in the first moderator book i signed.....
  5. Aikar and ISMOOCH books sold
  6. Lol, i was rather detailed....
  7. Not gonna lie that's my favorite book xD Also Krys, how would I go about selling my lease to the apartment to another player?
  8. Sell it as a hotel room. No auction allowed of course. But private selling is fine. Then contact me with all the details and who i'm switching the signs over to and I can take care of it.

    If it's your favorite book, then you shouldn't sell it =P
  9. Just letting you know that GameKribJim is no longer on the staff team. :) Thanks.
  10. Meant to add the asterisks, thanks :)
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  11. Updated as of 1:11PM EST
  12. Thanks Biscuit! I enjoyed spending roughly 70k for my collection! Thanks soo much. :D
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  14. Lol. If you did I would be introuble. I bought the book