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  1. Title: Friends Overlay Mod
    Description: The mod adds a friends menu which can be open over the key F4 (this can be changed in the controls options).
    The menus for the various friends can be opened and closed with a right click.
    When you receive a chat message you can press F6 to open the chat.

    In FriendsOverlay you can add friends, so you can see when they are online. If they play on a server,
    you can join them. Also you can chat with your friends, so if you meet someone on a server who has
    also FriendsOverlay you can just add him as friend and then chat with him. When you want to tweet
    something and don't want to open twitter in your browser, you can post your message directly from
    FriendsOverlay in twitter. If any of your friends go online or you recieve a message, there will
    be displayed a notification so you will never miss it.
    Download: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1438531-132-friendsoverlay-16/
  2. Forgot the title xD!

    Can a Mod change it?
  3. Hasn't this mod already been approved?
  4. Dunno 1 sec
  5. Its not on the list
  6. This was sent in for reviewing before - It was denied. And also, ask a mod to change the title.
  7. why denied?
  8. I don't know - Go and ask a mod. I didn't actually view the thread until a mod denied it.
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  10. Nope, just unsupported.
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  11. It's kind of pointless unless all of the friends you add have it also.
  12. As shown this is approved but unsupported. Also, please keep mod suggestions to the Approved Mods section. :)