Mod Request: "Show Monsters" / "Nether Fortress Outline"

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  1. Hey guys! So I was on youtube earlier looking at grinder ideas and I found this one called the "Witherripper." Basically it's just as if not more powerful than an enderman grinder. You CAN use your fists to kill (2ish for pigmen - 1 hit for Blaze and Wither Skele) but it's suggested you use a looting sword for maximum loot.

    Basically each mod does what it's name says.
    The "Show Monsters" one shows you what monsters can spawn where your head is (You just use F3 like when displaying coordinates)

    The Nether Fortress one is (Shocker) a mod that when you hold F3 and press N it will show the outline of a nether fortress (Basically just showing you spawning areas)

    I just wanna get this pre-approved before I attempt making this in creative then moving it into my outpost.

    Witheripper Grinder Link:
    Mod video (Link for download in desc):

    I apologize if this has been asked before
  2. Oh it has a world download so I don't need to build it in creative. Awesome
  3. All the mods that show where wither skeletons spawn don't work on EMC :( they require a sever side mod and that not going to happen.

    The only mod's that show where mob's will spawn work from light levels.
  4. Dang. That will make this a lot more difficult then..
  5. These have both had requests before.
  6. Ok, I have actually used the Nether Fortress Outline one before. and it works great! but it won't work in EMC because the server doesn't send the Nether Fortress locations to the client. My suggestion is that you find a Nether Fortress in Single Player and look at the Spawning boxes based off of that
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  7. I vote chickeneer for nether fortress consultant. Please submit requests to him directly.

    Peep peep peep
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