Mod request plugin?

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Good or bad idea?

Yes 15 vote(s) 65.2%
No 8 vote(s) 34.8%
  1. Hello EMC Community! :D

    Have you ever requested a moderator to come to your aid, but never got help? Well, if Justin implements this that problem will be gone, forever!

    Basically, what this will do is improve the moderation system. It would work like the /report command, but instead you would type /modreq (reason).

    What this would do is send a teleportation request to a mod request inbox to an online moderator. The moderator would then simply type /req inbox and view their requests. They would then be able to choose which on should be dealt with first.

    It would come in handy when there is a single mod online and an almost full server (or just alot of players) and alot of members needing help.

    And if there's another moderator online on a different server, they would be able to type /ask (other moderator's name), and it would then pop up with 'JustinGuy needs help on smp1' to IceCreamCow or Aikar, for example.

    Please vote in the poll, and please don't post your possibly dead 'how 'bout no' bear pictures on here. I'm beginning to hate that meme and the way it is used. Also, if your answer isn't a yes or no, please explain why in the comments!
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  2. I've seen Pablos using that :p
  3. I'll take a look at the thread in the morning, but for now, my well-deserved...SLEEPYTIME :D
  4. You do know that's almost exactly how square works.... right?
  5. Before saying anything, is this a mod already created, or just an idea for one that would need to be programmed?

    Can you post the link / the name of the mod if its already made?
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  6. Yes, there is a plugin like this, but it's missing ALOT of the features I suggested. It doesn't have the inbox, it doesn't have the cross server calling. I used to use it on my old server that was griefed to death.

    Here's the link: It is VERY different to what I suggested.
    Edit: It now has an inbox system, but the inbox system doesn't explain why the user needs help.
  7. It is a good idea but how will it link thru the servers? Can you do that? Is it like the vault?
  8. Actually, as stated above, this is pretty much what Square is. There are times, that there are chances someone just might not simply be on at that time, and having a more complicated system to add on to square which is pretty simple to use, wouldn't change that. We do have some ideas we will likely be adding to Square though that Aikar has come up with and will help out a bit with some of the complaints people have about some things that happen in game. :)
  9. Sorry. "How about no" bear must appear before you can summon "Leave me outta this" bear.
    Penalty: 5 Likes
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  10. /report problem fixed :p

    but i agree that the /report dont seem to get anywhere!
  11. I assure you that every /report gets "somewhere".
  12. not to go against you IcC (i love you <3) but when you report someone they still spam/grief etc and nothing! :/
  13. it takes time to get to the report that you did. You know how many reports they get a day? and woo, ICC liked my post. :)
  14. This is incorrect. Something always happens. We just won't give every person a personal report of what happened to their /reports. However, no report goes un-noticed and everything gets recorded and acted on.
  15. does it goes here
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  16. Looks like the view from a Big Daddy from Bioshock: SPACEEEEE!
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  17. to let you know thats a cow there :p