[Mod request] Lumberjack Mod

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Jay2a, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. What it does: Makes it easier to mine trees and also makes it faster

    Name: Lumberjack mod

    Everyone knows about how annoying it is to mine out trees block by block, and sometimes you cant reach the top of it. Thats why I want to get the Lumberjack mod. It will massively decrease the number of floating tree tops, and it will reduce the time it takes to dig out the trees. It kills all the wood in trees when you mine out the bottom block, and it saves your axes. It doesnt add any new items into the game.
  2. But, just think if your building a large mansion with logs.
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  3. Please look at the already denied mods next time even though this specific one might not have been denied many others that do exactly the same thing have.
  4. It doesnt work that way. If you built it, the mod wont work. If the logs are naturally found, it will work. And you can also just mine out the logs from the top down. It only destroys the logs above the one you dug up.
  5. I checked the denied mods, and I didnt see this one. I might not have checked clearly, though.
  6. Not only did you do the request wrong, this mod gives an unfair advantage over players without it, and therefore won't be allowed on EMC.
  7. This mod, is seen as unfair.
    You could quickly gain wood with little work.
  8. What do you mean "I typed the request wrong"?
  9. well i believe the timber mod was denied and it does basically the same thing so just next time go through them all to make sure the mod you're requesting doesn't do the same thing as an already denied mod.