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  1. I played emc last year and used to have not enough items. The only reason I had it was for when I turned sugar cane to paper all I had to do was click it once and it transferred my sugarcane from inventory quickly to make it paper. Now in 1.8 nei doesn't work does anyone know if there is a mod that is allowed that would help me with this or does anyone know if nei works. Thank you
  2. There is a way to make it work with Macros, but I do not have the code you need to use.
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  3. See I don't know too much about those things I just remember I had that mod and it made it 20 times easier.
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  5. it says it only works for 1.7. does that mean i can't use it on emc 1.8?
  6. There is a 1.8 Version of NEI out there somewhere, it is just a heavy work in progress. For example you will crash when you look at redstone ore and stuff like that.

    Make sure that you use 1.8 rather than 1.8.7
  7. thank you all for your help i will just wait till someone fixes it or the macro mod works for 1.8. again thank you