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  1. Today I Was Showing Awtharok My Nether Farm in The Nether And i Was Typing A Msg To Him WHen He Pushed Me To The Lava. In And I LOST ALL MY STUFF PLEASE Help. R0bie Said To To This....Hes Not Giving My Stuff Back!!!
  2. if you have a screen shot or any proof, send it to justin/jeremy via conversation (or send to a moderator)
  3. When you make a report like this, it's important to include information like the server you were on when it happened (smp1, smp2, ect.), and the time (roughly; including your time zone), and it's best to send the report to a moderator in a private message.

    To send a private message to a moderator, click on thier profile picture or name and then click on "Start a Conversation", or go to your "Inbox", press the "Start a New Conversation" button, and input the name of the person you wish to send a message to in the "Participants" field.

    You may wish to add multiple moderators to the conversation, you can do this by adding their names to the "Participants" field, seperated by commas. This increases the chance of an investigation being conducted promptly.

    I'm really sorry to hear that this happened to you. Unfortunately, we are unable to do anything about it after the fact in most cases. However, sometimes we are able to get rid of troublemakers as a result of reports like this, especially when detailed information is provided.
  4. Sucks man, f2 is your friend
  5. Thanks guys and yes I will pm you
  6. Thank you for bringing this here Beau.... Liz this was my first real incident if this kind and Beau did tell me as soon as it happen, which was on smp4 in the Nether. I talked to Ismootch and he helped me understand how to handle these. The one that did this was already gone and I could not even get his side of the situation.
    I can and will verify all that Beau put here is exactly what I was told at the time this happened, within minutes.
    Thank you Beau for being patient with a brand new Mod... :)
    Thanks Liz for your help
  7. Haha, No Problemo R0bieJo