Mod pack and texture pack!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by thecontroller, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. As you know EMC is a great server and a great server should come with a great texture pack, and maybe a mod pack?

    Whats a mod pack and what will be in it? Well a mod pack to be exact is a compilation of other mods created by a community for example The mod pack will contain compilations of the best optimization mods out there! This mod pack will include a inventory organizer, OptiFine, improved multiplayer chatting, probably other mods that might be a great help, and I saved the best for last, EMC community designed texture pack.

    If you would like to help me make the texture pack please contact me I would appreciate it! If you got any mod suggestions please post it below, also just a reminder I will not add mods that give players a higher advantage. If you are not familiar with the rule that you cannot use any sort of mod that enables you to fly, find ores easily through a texture pack or a mod, and etc. visit

    I hope you guys can support me on this one and cheers!