Mod issue in new Launcher

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  1. I am having issues with this new launcher.. I have mods installed but they keep appearing to be disappearing from the bin file I am using to launch with.. And it is getting really annoying, can anyone help me fix this issue..?
  2. Um… if you are using the actual bin folder, that is the incorrect spot. That has the old mc.jar.
  3. I am using the bin that mcpatcher creates. It is in the list of profile things and I had each of the mods working 12 hours ago. Now only Optifine is registering in that particular bin.. If I have to repatch the bin everytime I turn off my computer, I will get severely annoyed..
  4. Try using mcforge…
  5. Was this an issue to start with? or did you add optifine in later? Optifine is a little bit more tricky to add in this update than previous.

    Also, Forge is a bit trickier to use with optifine but there is a detailed walkthrough here.

    If your mods are forge compatible I would recommend using that instead as the mcpatcher way seems to be... less than efficient. If you could list the mods you are using I could give a better walkthrough on how to install those mods, and if they are not forge compatible, what could possible be the issue you are running into.
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  6. I don't think that the simplification made it any simpler...
  7. Fixed that. :)
  8. I cant see anything you changed?
  9. The only of the mods that I normally use that were available were Ingameinfo, StatusEffectHUD, Rei's Minimap, MATmoS, and of course modloader. Test-runs show them to work and I was using them this morning on the server while I was on an expedition to outfit my horses. I turned off my computer and went to sleep. I came back and only optifine was working for some reason.. T-T
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  11. I also have the forge installer for 1.6.2 plus Dynamic Lights, but I don't know if the others are forge compatible and would have to go look on mcforums.. <,<
  12. If you find that walkthrough complicated, you really should not be modding minecraft. It is definitely not the easiest way to do things, but compared to Minecraft alpha/beta modding, its a breeze.

    are you running both Forge and modloader?


    Ingameinfo -- Forge Compatible
    StatusEffectHUD -- Forge Compatible
    (Just need the Forge version of the core for these two)

    Rei's Minimap -- Forge Compatible
    (Just throw this .zip into the mods folder once forge is installed)

    MATmoS -- Forge Compatible
    (has a forge download, never used it though, so no instructions :p)
  13. This video is really handy with understanding the new launcher.
    This one basically is a step-by-step on how to install the usual drag-drop-jar files in 1.6

    You should really use Minecraft Forge from now on as it comes with (Forge)ModLoader; here's a video on how to install Forge and Optifine together. (Some swearing I think)

    For things like Rei's Minimap where you can drop the folder in "mods", that still works. For single player commands which I don't think you're using, you should place the WorldEdit.jar in minecraft\bin that you create.
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  14. No, I downloaded forge to use Dynamic Lights, but didn't install them.. I just tried going through the walkthrough to install optifine in forge but am getting a 403 error when trying to download the resources.. T-T
  15. Thank you Alex, that video is easier to follow.. xD ..That also helped me get Optifine in.. :3
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  16. The guy made a mistake in the description, I forgot to add. Modify the code as it mentions in the comments :)
  17. I was having a problem kind of similar to this. When ever I join a multiplayer server, my mods don't show up or seem to work really.When this happens, I just log on to singleplayer and wait for the mods to work and it makes them work on multiplayer again. For your problem, I never use other launchers like magic launcher or mcpatcher so I don't know how to fix any problems with that.
  18. try Magic launcher