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  1. Hey guys, I've been bored recently and have wanted to get back into modding. The problem is that I don't know what mods to create. It doesn't have to be smp or single player only. I need ideas for mods to make. Please help! Maybe a mod where Icecreamcows spawns everywhere? Remember, I know how to code everything, from mobs and ores, to awesome new dimensions! Please comment with any ideas!
  2. Maybe an evil clown mob. Or a mob that comes up and awkwardly licks your ear.
  3. Why not a Concorde mod?
    I would make it a very hard-to-get endgame item with many parts. If you don't want to build, there's not a ton to do endgame. But this would make you want to build a whole airport!
  4. A mod where you can have an inventory full of snowballs, and you craft them all with a click... I'd love that sooo much!
  5. In all seriousness, I would like to see a mod that allows one to build full sized working boats. I would imagine there would be a few craftable items that would make the boat work, and one could add on to those to make the boat what ever size one wanted.
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  6. That
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  7. How about a track that can connect up to 4 different railways?
  8. I have put some more thought into this. A ship would require either a sail or a engine block. A sail would be made out of sail cloth, which would probably be made out of wood. An engine bock would be faster than a sail and be made out of iron blocks, redstone and pistons; but would requires coal or some form of fuel to run. Adding either of these to any structure in the water would turn it into a ship. Also, a bigger ship would require a bigger engine or sail.
  9. What would determine what track the minecart goes on?
  10. I like this idea the most :rolleyes: