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  1. Ok: I am now trying to instal ModLauncher. Every time I try to turn minecraft.jar into the folder form, it turns into minecraft.jar.(cp something) anyways, I have a clean new .minecraft folder but every time i try it it does that

    Thanks for you guys help :)
  2. Mac or PC?
  3. Yeah I guess what I do is make backups of my saves and screenshots store them in another folder and then remove the minecraft folder from my computer then when you open the launcher it should be brand new, then I drag and drop the screenshots and world into the appropriate folders. Hope this helps. Btw I use PC with Windows
  4. 1) Drag your saves and screenshots to your Desktop, along with anything else you want to save like texture packs.

    2) Delete .minecraft

    3) Open minecraft and run it

    4) Replace your copied folders

  5. Ok I'll try it
  6. Deleting META-INF?
  7. Ok I have a Mac, I can get to the Minecraft folder but not to where I can delete it all.
  8. Uhm... stupid question but did you try typing %appdata% into the search bar?
  9. Left click the minecraft folder and press delete?
  10. Updated original post
  11. Could a Mod Close this thread, I have Installed my first mod (Approved by EMC of corse) and I know how to do it now :D
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