[Mod help] Forge isn't working....

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  1. I tried to install forge (Appdata, roaming, .minecraft, bin, minecraft), but when i launched MC, nothing happened. My forge IS 1.6.2, so that isn't the problem. Is there something i'm missing?
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  2. How exactly are you installing it? With the installer?
  3. I do not know this installer you speak of....
    I'm going %appdata%, Roaming, .minecraft, bin, minecraft, then coping and pasting the items of forge. But the problem is that the folders of another version of forge are still in there, and it pops up a box saying, "Would you like to replace <folder> with <Folder>? But i cannot click anything because it gives me that blue loading circle, so i must end task with task manager
  4. Go here: http://files.minecraftforge.net/, find the part where it says Recommended-1.6.2 at the top and click on the installer link. Once it's downloaded just run it and it will make its own profile for the new launcher.
  5. Then what have you been doing to install it, as the maker introduced an installer to make things simple.
    And, I just noticed that you said the "bin" folder, you still using the old launcher?
  6. I'm having a problem with forge also. Its making all solid blocks in minecraft invincible.
  7. It did that to me until I found the new launcher. Now my problem is getting everything else installed.
  8. 1.6 launcher? I'm using magic launcher

    Also having problems with Inventory tweak. Instant crash minecraft with no error message lol.
  9. No, i am using the 1.6.2 launcher

    Nothing happens after i open it...
  10. Then you shouldn't be using your bin folder, it's done in versions folder now.
    If you're installing mods to there, that's your problem lol
    Just use the installer mentioned above and you good.
  11. No matter what launcher (Minecraft or Magic Launcher) I can't install anything right, it all crashes or comes up invisible. I've tried google and youtube which is everyone's answer on minecraft forums cause it's full of jerks. Every single video I find that shows how to install mods, installs retarded NEI. Forge now has an installer of it's own. It's under the (installer) part
  12. Ok, i found the CORRECT folder, but i already tried and pasted it into bin, and now it pops up that "Want to replace blah blah" box, but it has a blue loading circle, so i can't click anything.
    I'll try uninstalling MC and re-installing it.
  13. 1.6 doesn't use bin folder is uses versions folder
  14. And use the installer, no copy/pasting required
  15. How do i use the installer?
    (After five months of using mods, i am back to square one ._.)
  16. If you want me to get on Smp5 and help you out again like I did the first time, I'd be glad to. ;)
  17. How do you put up with me lol?
    EDIT: There
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  18. I did the exact same as you jtc lol, installed all my mods into my bin like I usually do, didn't realize it was different with 1.6. I am hopeless at installing mods :p
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