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  1. Hi so in my shop I placed a chest and inside i put 11 stacks of arrows so then i realized i put then in the wrong place and since i was too lazy to shift+lmb i jut broke the chest with an axe and the arrows didn't appear it dissapeared out of thin air!

    I want me 11 stacks of arrows back and would love if a mod could help me because I got them in an auction of a chest filled with stuff for 2k
  2. this happened to me with about 55 ingots of gold a week or so back
  3. This is a serious bug it could happen with a chest filled with diamond blocks
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  5. Well screaming about it on the forums probably is not the best way to get something done. PLUS Pm'ing the mod CAN'T hurt.
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  6. i mean i think it was this that happened. I could have simply had a full inventory and not been able to pick them up, and they dissapeared, Not sure.
  7. Hi please visit me on SMP1 where I will have some arrows for you.
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  8. Yeah, should be on the floor for short amount of time and then if you dont pick em up they disappear.
    I''l give you 10 stacks of arrows if you come quick on smp9, 19003 :D
  9. but for me i had them in my inv then I realized so i broke the chest but i had more than 11 slots left in my inv.
  10. Maybe you have particles on minimum? 0_o
  11. I have my minecraft maxed out.