mod for mob entities

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  1. hey, i was wondering if there is a mod for the mob entities amount to be show in like in game info HUD type thing?

    i think i saw a screen shot that had one but cant think where or whose i saw it on.

    also sorry if this is wrong place as i thought it wouldn't be in mod section as im asking for help about it.
  2. F3
  3. true i could use f3. but when things like in game info up it covers most of the info. id rather just have a bit of text onside that's says how many. and i know i could just use f3 and then turn it off again but i like having everything i need on show.

    ty for the reply though
  4. Shift+ F3
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  5. i already have that lag bars stuff turned off i just don't need all the other info like x,y,z etc... i just want entities one.
  6. You honestly do not notice it after 30 seconds or so, I have it open nearly all the time now.
  7. hmm maybe i can change a few of the in game info stuff to a different position. i admit i used to use f3 a lot more in single player but now i have in game info it all blends into one massive jumble. hopefully i will work something out.
    ty for the replies