Mochii Cafe and Bakery! And Neko Town

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  1. Hey! Come Visit The Mochii Cafe! And Neko City Both are located on smp3 on /v 7142. The city contains many shops such as clothing store, ore shop, wood shop, hotel (with room service and activity's and community pool), A bakery, pet shop, and many others. Our town offers a variety of items for cheap! Come visit now! (most of the shops are self serve as well). <3 By the way We are having a 4000 rupees giveaway for guest who come to our cafe!<3 Also we highly recommend a texture pack, you will find the link to download it at our cafe! But don't be sad if you are unable to download it you can still have fun in Neko City and Mochii Cafe!<3
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  2. Hello! I believe you will have better luck posting in the "Products, Businesses, & Services" forum section, "Marketplace Discussion" is more about general discussions of the economy, price checks, etc.
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  3. Sounds fun, but as mentioned before, this should be located in the "Products, Businesses & Services" section. Good luck!