Mobs, why are you so lazy?

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  1. Creepers stand still and wait for you, skeles snipe you, Enders only teleport, zombies are snails in disguise, if you don't understand what I'm saying is why do mobs move SO slow? The wilderness should be the mildness due to the mobs inability to walk, is it just me that's experiencing slow mobs that redirect arriws
  2. Yeah, they are to laaaazy
  3. I noticed too... Skele's keep picking me off and zombies take days to walk 2 tiles.
  4. I went out with no food, tools or anything (just for the lols) and survived for 3 MC nights...
    *Just killing pigs for meat*
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  5. lols
  6. Yeah I noticed that too.
    Today I was like "Okay! Gonna go to the wild and get me some XP! No more afriad of creepers! >:{D"
    -Ten minutes later- -Day three of a zombie coming towards me while standing still- ".__."

    Though I do remember a time when I was in the nether before they reset it, that all the pigmen were too fast and I kept dieing more than usual. xD