Mobs Spawing Indoors (wild)

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  1. I don't know if this is because of the 1.5 update or if its an EMC thing, but Ive had mob problems in the wild since the update. Before the update I never had this issue. I had well lit rooms (indoors) in my wild home. It seems though if I leave the area and come back I keep finding mobs inside my house. Its never fun to walk down a hallway to find a creeper blow a nice hole in the house as you enter the room.

    I know creepers and zombies and what not are not getting in though a hole or anything. I have also noticed that when underground especially my loading view distance is shorter in a sort of fog. I cant help but wonder if the game mechanics are thinking areas are dark and spawning mobs because some torches are in the cutoff for a second.

    has anyone else found mobs spawning where they shouldn't?

    I don't know if its a bug or what. I just thought I would say something just in case.
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  2. This has happened to me several times at my wild camp. I thought maybe they were walking in from a mine shaft I have but I've blocked off all entrances and they continue to spawn in very well lit areas. I've had to resort to making my buildings out of obsidian to prevent further damage. I never really thought of it as a 1.5 thing, but this didn't happen before. I would suggest adding the "EMC bug team" and several staff members to a conversation and bring this up. The bug team includes: AlexChance, Silken_Thread, Eklektoi and JackBiggin. You can find staff members here:

    I hope this problem gets fixed up. I've had to lock several chests just to prevent creepers from blowing them up. I've lost several stacks of valuable ores because of them.
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  3. A number of people have complained about the mod spawning recently. I don't know if EMC is on Normal mode yet. It may be a mix of both.
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  4. I don't think we have updated to normal yet. I think ICC or another administrator would make a thread for the front page, just so people knew what to expect
  5. Fix'd.
    And yeah, alot of us have had that for a long time now. That's why I left alot of wild outposts I was in.
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  6. Not updated to normal mode yet, but it will most likely come along with the wastelands. :)

    We're having some issues with entity counting/spawning at the moment I believe (1 PM regarding iron farm not working, is anyone else having this problem?). Investigating currently which may be a few days. :)
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  7. It's has to be a bug. I have seen mobs spawn at high noon in the desert and on half block. My wilderness camp is well lit and the floor is made of slabs and they are still spawning inside.
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  8. Well in my iron farm the villagers seem to breed well past the three doors to one villager ratio :confused: As in 30+ villagers in one cell with 48 doors.
    I have heard other people mention this same problem in supporter chat.

    Also just went out to my wild base the iron farm still works surprisingly since the rest of the base was griefed to all heck.

    Also I have had mobs spawn in well lit areas, I use monster spawn highlighter and I have ocd when in come to torches.

    And a unrelated bug you cant place boats in protected spawn.
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  9. I'm getting mobs spawning in a room that is almost completely torched/glowstone blocked that's totally sealed, and full of redstone work -_- It's not just you guys, and yes, it scares the jeepers outta me!
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  10. Yes my iron farm keeps crapin out on me as well as mobs spawning in my collection area which is 100% lit up
    Any way here my 15 cell iron farm with all the villager re-spawned into one cell along witha few golems .

    started after 1.5
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  11. Added to track:
    It's a pretty empty report, so if anyone suspects/can confirm any sort of cause, then please PM the bug team, as I've got no clue what's causing it.
  12. Just and idea , dunno if this has anything to do with the mechanics of spawning.... But I have a room cleared to about a 9x20x20 near bedrock to get slimes. I used to be able to stand in this room and see everything. Now edges and some parts stay dark from the center. But light up as i walk closer. Its extremely well lit and I have had endermen pop up.

    Thank you admins for looking into this too.
  13. I was informed a few weeks ago by Skywarp84 that the mob spawning rules are slightly different on SMP and that mobs can spawn in SMP at a light level of 8.

    If you have set up your lighting system that allows even 1 or 2 blocks to have lighting of level 8, it will spawn a mob if you are far enough away.
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  14. That's a good point. I've read that the light level that is reported in the Debug screen is the light level where your head is. Since the spot where mobs spawn is generally one block lower, the light level there is not necessarily the same.

    I used to place torches in spots where the light level was 8 or below. Since I've learned this, I've started placing them if the light level is 9 or below(sometimes 10 if the area looks odd) plus placing them on the floor more often rather than the wall. If I place them on a wall, it is on the second rather than the third block up.

    I don't have any screenshots handy but some of the places I've been working on look like shrines. I figure when in doubt torch it, since I'd much rather mine some extra Coal and Logs than have to rebuild or lose something that's inconvenient to replace.
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  15. Yeah I noticed that about villager breeding. I have killed over 300 villagers in the last few weeks.
  16. This isn't true.

    The code checks for the 8 light level just the same on SMP.. However Minecrafts lighting code sucks, and the servers light data is simply not correct...

    this is what causes this problem.

    Nothing we can really do but hope mojang fixes it.
  17. You don't know how much I will enjoy telling him he was wrong. :D
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