Mobs Inc.

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  1. Mobs Inc.

    Sorry everyone, we're officialy closed. Thanks for trying to do business with me. I will return all items and payments by the people who payed already for one. Thank you and good day.
  2. Question what if it is a double grinder? I am searching for a double :p
  3. I suggest stressing that the details ONLY be PM'd, ahaha. :)
  4. "Monsters, inc." has a nice sound to it :p
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  5. I based the name, Mobs Inc., off of the Disney movie, Monsters Inc., I used to watch as a kid.
  6. Doulbles will be the same price as singles. Except it's 2 times the payment. I will make what you request.
  7. Waiting for some orders. :)
  8. Creepers will spawn to right?
  9. Hm.... might get the 1.1k priced Grinder.... I'll shoot you a PM once I decide.
  10. Yes, we put an obsidian holding cell at the bottom so even if they blox up, nothing will happen.
  11. Great can i get one tommorow?
  12. can I use the blaze grinder I will pay you 5k
  13. wat sever are u on?
  14. Use? Build? I don't have a blaze grinder. Sorry if I put out false info.
  15. can I use zombie grinder
  16. Jaxxy he builds the grinders for around your spawner.. he doesn't have his own.
  17. can silk get mob spawners