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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by thecontroller, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I am sort of annoyed on how I browse emc forums everyday. Its a hastle trying to scroll over there and here. I propose that someone from emc staff or I needs to code a HTML page that's specifically designed to load on mobile devices.

    How will this work? When the server detects the user agent as a iOS or a mobile device it will redirect the mobile browser to

    The mobile page will load less images and less ads. The forum will load a template for each post. I do hope Justin or ICC is reading this.

    I would want to browse EMC faster and more efficiently.
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  2. That's a good idea, Ill love to use my mobile instead of PC to forums :3

    And dude try to get on a server, your residence can be reseted soon!
  3. Oh no... my supporter rank might be useless!

    Lol supporters don't get their residence reset rememeber.
  4. I just learned something new today :)
  5. Doesn't everyone
  6. I could maybe make something similar to what you want?
    It would have a smaller feed and easier to type.
  7. You know what... I'll start development. It should take me a few days look forward!
  8. Its just a more compact version of the website.

    Here's what you do, copy the HTML source of the portal page and that's where you start relocating and deleting stuff.

    I could do it but not until I come back.
  9. You don`t think I know that, lol. :3
  10. Lol because the way you said it sounded like your building a new source LOL
  11. True that, lol.
  12. If this were implemented I would request an option to view the full sight or mobile version.