mob spawning

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  1. my idea is to add a permission to get mob to spawn on you plot and then c an not lave i could see the the coding could be hard but when i type /res info it said under flag to get mob to spawn?
  2. The whole idea of town being a 'safe zone' is that mobs dont spawn anywhere in town. How fair would it be if you have mobs spawn on your land and your neighbour doesnt, and a creeper escapes and blows a hole in your neighbours plot? I think allowing this would cause more problems then its worth.
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  3. Yeah and what if a griefer went creeper or enderman overload. Otherwise known as the town becoming a quite literal, copy of the Battle of Stalingrad. No offence to russian or german players.
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  4. i ask because i want to build mob trap at my plot
  5. It is not much of a good idea unless you build obsidian or a strong material around the spawner. Still it would be cool to have an areana in your lot to gain XP points for enchantments.:confused:
  6. This is part of the game, taking the risk out in the Wilderness.