Mob spawning clarification question:

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  1. From the wiki:
    "Entity Activation Range(top)

    • Mobs, animals & items that are not in water are frozen if you're not within the following amount of blocks from them:
      • Town: 12 blocks for animals, 16 blocks for mobs
      • Wild: 12 blocks for animals, 32 blocks for mobs
      • Nether: 12 blocks for animals, 32 blocks for mobs
      • End: 12 blocks for animals, 32 blocks for mobs.
      • Wastelands: 12 blocks for animals, 32 blocks for mobs
    • Items in water are not affected by these ranges, and should still move provided that a chunk in every direction is loaded.
    • Things such as crop growth on farms are not affected by this.
    • Only the X and Z axis' are checked, there is no Y axis check (meaning mobs above and below you are not affected by this)
      • Note: Vanilla also has similar logic as this for monsters at 32 distance. So movement logic for monsters is essentially unaffected. However, Vanilla's logic also includes a Y distance. This Vanilla logic is planned to be removed so natural spawn grinders will function better.
    • ~ snipe"

    This says mobs are not effected by the Y distance, I do not think that is correct. From our testing it seems 32 is applied to the Y as well. Can anyone please confirm or deny this assumption? And does anyone know the min distance a mob can spawn away from you? Like mobs will spawn 5 (??) blocks to a max of 64, but can only move 32 blocks away?? *edited*

    Yes, I am making an exp farm, my tools need repair badly and all of them need 39 levels each. So I would prefer to make something that will spawn lots of exp. Any tips would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance. BTW, I don't care about drops too much, normal mob drops are more than good.
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  2. Just found this wiki:

    Mob Spawning Distance(top)

    • In Vanilla Minecraft, mobs can spawn up to 128 blocks away from you.
    • In EMC, mobs can spawn up to 64 blocks away from you.
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  3. how much does the /entcount count for this in the wild? like what would the radius be?
  4. That is a good question too...

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  5. I can't remember exactly, but I think it's either 64 or 100
  6. I've seen two numbers for spawning distance: 4 and 5 chunks. If you go through the posts in the thread you copied your post from I think you will see the what I'm referring to. Aikar had made some other statements around then but I couldn't find them. When I slab I usually go out 80 or more blocks to be safe and to take my movement within the farm into account.

    From my experience the 32 block activation limit still extends along the y axis. Aikar mentioned removing it around the time that he adjusted mob spawning (late 2012?).

    Mobs will spawn 24 or more blocks away. So if you are doing a darkroom that relies on the mobs moving towards you then being transported to a kill spot using water streams, the active part of your farm will be within an 8 block wide "shell" around you. You could probably improve it with a minecart, but I've never tried it to say what sort of improvement to expect.

    Since you are doing this for XP you are probably going to want to build something along the lines of an enderman style farm rather than something that relies on the activation range. It will take more time and materials, but if you are going to put the effort into preparing the area you with slabbing/torching/mining, you might as well spend the extra time and expense on the farm itself.
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