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whats the best spawner?

zombie spawner 1 vote(s) 7.7%
skeleton spawner 12 vote(s) 92.3%
spider spawner 0 vote(s) 0.0%
cave spider spawner 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. i have found some mob spawners... and i wanted to see if anyone would buy one.
    well... buy... its that i tell you the place and ill never come there again lol
    so i have all kinds of spawners found if anyone wants one plz tell me.
    and say a price :)
  2. sleleton 1k
  3. I think selling mobspawners is currently disabled.
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  4. Selling coordinates of spawners on the forums is strictly prohibited. If you have some spawners and want to make money, build a grinder and use the experience to enchant items and sell them.
    It is perfectly legal to pay someone to build a grinder from scratch around spawners, but you cannot sell spawners or grinders, only services to build them.
  5. i cant show them the place instead of saying coordinates? lol
  6. and btw why cant i do that? :(?
  7. The rules are there for a reason, and the staff are coming up with the official statement soon.
  8. i cant show them the place instead of giving coordinates?
  9. Blaze is better then all of them
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  10. ow yeh i forgot that one :)
  11. No, you can't. Selling or auctioning any kind of spawner or grinder is strictly forbidden.
  12. Hey guys ... does Silk Touch work on the spawners ... say I find a spawner i fancy, and want to move it to a "safe" location ... Is that at all possible?

    And furthermore if the spawners are harvestable, can I make spawn traps in my res, or is that an impossibility because of the "no mobs in town" setting.

    On the topic of not allowing the "selling" of spawners ... as that is the case would't it then be fair if you could in some way "claim it" ... not in the sense that no one else can use it ... rather to make it indestructible ?.. In that way everybody can harvest it, but he/she who found it can rest assure it's still there when you return. Then the "Vanilla" experience of finding and utilizing a spawner is kept, while the paranoia of griefing (destroying the spawner, for nobodies gain) is minimized.

    Understand in a sense the no selling policy, but being able to make a Silk Touch lift to your dungeon in your res would be handy.
  13. Using a Silk Touch on any spawner will destroy it, as mob spawners can't be picked up legitimately. Even if you could get one and place it, it'll spawn pigs.

    Converting a spawner into an experience grinder is at your own risk of having it discovered and destroyed. Many of us take that risk, but most of them become supporters to lower the chances of being discovered by using "/map hide".
  14. Silk touch became ineffective on spawners in Beta 1.9, pre-release 6.

    As others have stated, it is prohibited to sell mob spawners and xp grinders. There are currently too many risk factors involved in the sale.
  15. Besides that, the spawners that were taken via silk touch prior to beta 1.9.6 would only spawn pigs, regardless of what spawner type it was originally..
  16. After what everyone said, you still trying bidding? seriously?
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  17. You can't sell spawners. Did you read anything?
  18. haha i dont think he did :p
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