Mob Spawners

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  1. I want to know the location of a skeleton or zombie mob spawner. I will pay money for location and make an amazing grinder out of it. If you know where one is and will share it, (Dont worry i wont destroy it, i am investing money into it.) Pm me on the site. Depending on ease of access and closeness to spawn/ i can get there quickly i will pay more. Though it also has to be well hidden, i dont want it being destroyed.

    *Only Pm me if it is the actual spawning block and it spawn either Zombie or Skelton Mobs.
    *I will pay upon reaching destination, you have to show me where it is.
  2. *Bump* I really want to know where one is. Dont forget cash prize for first person!
  3. i have a zombie 1 will u tell any 1 else where it is?
  4. I'll tell you I'll pm you now:)
  5. its not the 1 i showed u right?
  6. i made a spawner but i wont tell ya
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  7. he said a actual block
  8. yeah, that too
  9. i have 3, 2 are spiders and i made a spawner but got griefed that day :/
  10. It's not the one u showed me:)
  11. I wil not tell anyone Pm if you want to apply you dont have to tell me where just which server I will tell you if i want to pay you to see it