Mob spawner!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by orion6666, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Hey!

    Anyone want to show me their mob spawner? :D
  2. Mob spawners are easy to get, just go mining and you will find :)
    The best places to find are: Ravines and abandoned mineshafts

    Pd:/ i think no-one will show you something like that since you could grief and they will be :( because of loosing their xp grinder/mob trap
  3. Well im willing to pay or make a great deal out of it ;P
  4. If you were Gold or diamond member could you use my Spawner,Its right outside of the spawn in Utopia :D
  5. Ive seen your in utopia ;) But for me I went with crazy and spiders spawned out side of that little box D: Long Story Short. I died and have never been back :D
  6. i wish they sell mob spawner at town shop
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  7. i wish they sell mob spawner eggs (or however is called) :(
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  8. yeah me too
  9. Noone want to share one with me? ,(