mob spawner/xp generator

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  1. i had the idea to make a mob spawner/trap. there would be a collection point at where u stand, pull a lever the mobs fall and u hit them one time and they die, u collect drops, and u get xp too. i need to have the approval of the community for this. what do u guys think of this idea?
  2. You need approval? I think most of us already have our own monster farms in (hopefully) well hidden corners of the Empire wilderness. If you decide to make a big public one like the one they have in SMP1, you will just have to worry about griefers knowing exactly where it's at and you not being able to police it 24/7. I try to keep my MOB farm hidden pretty good so I can get the goodies and sell them in my shop, but I have already been griefed once badly... luckily they didn't destroy the spawner and I could rebuild it, but of course this means that it's probably only a matter of time until it is griefed again. If you do make a public one I would be happy to support it though, and I'll contribute to the cause, either in the form of materials or cash, so keep us posted as to what you decide!:)
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  3. Anyone is free to build anything they wish in the wilderness, as long as it doesn't interfere with others gaming experience. Bear in mind though that griefers love to destroy mob spawners, and without visual evidence (a screenshot) there is nothing we can do if it is griefed. You build at your own peril, but you can build anything you want :)
  4. ok i will think about it
  5. We already have the OoO
  6. Unfortunately for those of us who don't live in SMP 1, the OoO won't help us with xp cause we can't take it with us to our servers... I assumed that sad_happyface lived in another server, and wanted to have the full benefits of item drops + xp for enchanting.
  7. The Minecraft Council is going to work on building another Octahedron of Oblivion on SMP2. It will most likely be public, but if not don't look for us. You won't find us.
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  8. I'm in.
    Tell me if u need anything.
  9. make a Hectahedron of Oblivion. lol