Mob spawner sales and how they work??

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  1. Hi all! So Obv I'm new to The Empire, and also new to MP servers. I have a few issues/questions about selling mob spawners. <3

    1) How can one sell something which is in the wilderness?

    2) How can I be sure that my trap(s) aren't destroyed?

    Thanks all for your time in answering my questions! I have found two spawners since I've joined The Empire. One is a Zombie spawn, which I've built a successful Exp farm at. The other is a Cave Spider spawn, which I don't touch, b/c OMFG CAVE SPIDERS!!!! Hehehehehe :eek:
  2. 1. We sell coordinates, not the actual land:)
    2. If you are refering to your pre built farm, it is illegal to sell something where its clear that someone is using it, unless they give permission.

    If you are planning on selling the cave spider one, make sure you have read IcecreamCow's post on spawner selling. Hope this helps:)
  3. I don't think anyone wants tovbuy a cavenspider spawner.... I left about 4 alone by walking through mineshafts
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  4. Basically, like others have said, you are selling the coordinates. By selling something that is, effectively, completely griefable, you as the seller agree that:
    1) The spawner/grinder is owned by you. If you share it, then all owning parties should be okay with the sale.
    2) You will not reveal the coordinates to anyone. This pretty much includes going and griefing it yourself.
    Some things that are frowned upon in the selling of grinders/spawners:
    1) I, personally, would prefer that when I buy the grinder/spawner, the ownership is being completely transferred from the seller to myself. What I mean by this is that I don't like it if someone sells a grinder that they own, but continues to use it themself. In a typical sale, say, of a dirt block, person A sells 1 dirt to person B and that is that. Person A no longer owns or uses the dirt. It is effectively a trade. Now, with spawners, this is a little more fuzzy, but the seller is not really losing the grinder when they sell it and continue to use it themself. Sure, they are exposing it a tad more to griefing, but they're not losing it completely as one would in a normal sale. Once person A sells the grinder to person B, it should be entirely person B's responsibilty.
    2) Another griefing problem: The live map. If I buy someone's grinder, and they show it to me personally, that's a big plus as there is a 100% guarantee that I find it. However, regular players can be seen on the live map, which could make things complicated. In that case, it is best to provide a detailed, step-by-step explanation on how to get to the grinder, along with coords. (screenshots are nice as well.)
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  9. Thanks for the info/advice everyone!
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  10. your welcome! :D even though i said nothing.....