Mob Spawner needed asap

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  1. hi all EMC members! i was wondering if any of you guys have a mob spawner thats insta kill or a grinder.

    *im in NEED of xp

    *if you have one post how long it takes to get 2 level 50
    and we'll find a price and then youll take me 2 it

    has to be...

    * not that far from spawn
    * efficient

    tbb (thebestbear123)
  2. People dont like to have grinders near the spawn because griefers are lazy so they will not look far for one. Thats why most spawners are 10k blocks from they spawn.
  3. Just go out into the wild for a a sword and armour.
  4. Have fun and find it yourself :)
  5. Hey, when you find your spawner, please let me know where it is!

    kthxbye ;)
  6. I am willing to pay if i can use someones spawner, maybe like 500r a week? Please start a private conversation with me if you are interested. (5k blocks from spawn isnt a problem)
  7. If you guys want a spawner, go find it yourself, or go out and kill the monster that spawn at night.
  8. i am also willing to pay to use a moster spawner up to 2.5k a week thanks for reading :D