Mob Spawner Idea

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pokedude987, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Mob Spawners are very, very valuable. Not only are they a great source of XP, but they also provide stuff to sell in your various shops (Spider Spawers for String and Eyes). However, wouldnt it suck if some jerk came along and broke your spawner that you worked so hard to find? Here is my idea. You implement some system that allows you to protect one spawner. And only you are allowed to break that spawner. This would allow people to feel like make XP trap in the Wilderness worth it. Just an idea.
  2. Lots of people have XP farms in the wild. The trick is keeping it hidden ( hint - build it far away :) )
  3. Well, I'm building one right now, and my last Blaze one was far away. But some jerk broke that one.
  4. I've just been lighting them up with torches, clearing the chests and heading off on my merry way. Still trying to find a skeleton spawner, though!
  5. step 1: donate for gold supporter
    step 2: go onto utopia
    step 3: find a spawner
    step 4: make an xp farm
  6. Ive found 1 any61 want it?