Mob Spawn Problem again on SMP7

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  1. for about 16+ hours we recognize a super low mob spawn even the server is very empty right now
    In those 16 hours i did not get any slime from my slime farm.
    when i press f3 it says i got 32 mobs loaded around me (i have been to town already several times and logged out as well several times.
    BigDavie checked already everyone who was in widlerness, only one had a lot and he got disconnected, but this didnt solve the problem, please check this problem. :/ it made me already a huge loss of rupees due to missing productivity
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  2. I struck this too at the same time on SMP7. I was out in unlit areas of the wild at night and underground in unlit caves and I didn't see any naturally spawned mobs. It was like playing in peaceful mode which was great for awhile.

    This lasted for several hours but when I logged out 2 hours ago the mobs seemed ot have returned.
  3. Sadly even kicking person sometimes it takes a while for a chunk to unload. Especially if any players are nearby it could be upheld.

    Sometimes the monsters just do not despawn under these conditions.

    So if one person was found guilty of doing this and kicked, his pool just might still be there eating up the cap.

    Sounds like its gone now.

    We've got a solution in the works for this, but its up to Justin on working with it and implementing it.
  4. Is this solution bascly gonna gimp xp grinders?
  5. I'm assuming yes and no. No If you don't mind clearing it every 15-20 minutes. Yes if you are a person to afk for 1-2 hours (which is against the rules anyways)
  6. Actually, minecraft wiki states that hostile mobs despawn right after 1 game tick (1/20th of a second) when there is no player around a 128 block radius so i think that the problem it's not like "his pool just might still be there eating up the cap"
    Mobs spawn naturally within a 15x15 chunk (240x240 block) area around the player. When there are multiple players, mobs can spawn within this distance of any of them. However, mobs that spawn further than 128 blocks from any player will immediately despawn (see Despawning), so the mob spawning area is effectively limited to spheres with a radius of 128 blocks, centered at each player.

  7. The EMC servers has an iddle auto kick, the only exempt from this are the moderators i think, i got kicked for being afk and so did other supporter friends, but it seems like aikar and other moderators can just sit back for hours and they wont get kicked.
  8. There are ways around the idle kick. I'm not going to explain how.
  9. Afk coasters are against the rules. Or, for that matter, any thing that allows you to afk for longer then your allowed to.
  10. btw.. the problem is still not fixed.... i got 1!!!! slime in 90 minutes normally i get like 45-60 in that time (just had no time to test it)
  11. When I was going to my Mobspawner, I was walking in the dark and their were no mobs around me.
  12. I said as much already.
  13. just wait till it gets destroyed thats when u loose the rupees like my 2 way grinder ...--__--
  14. thats why i want to use it as much as possible befor it gets griefed... but its impossible on smp7... its not the first time that this happened