Mob Spawn Locations?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by BoardGameGeek, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. On EMC, is there a restriction on how high mobs can spawn? I was just building a rather tall structure (+200 Y), but no mobs were spawning on top in the dark areas. Is there a reason for this?
  2. That depends... If your building at the town.. or wild....
    If its at the town.. No mobs/monsters are allowed to be spawned there, no matter what.
    Then If its the wild, Mobs/monsters should have spawned in that dark area.
  3. Yeah It's in the wild, and I am assuming because of the fact that I could build there, then mobs should have spawned. Hmm... Not really sure.
  4. Hmm. Is it fully dark? Like a ceiling... Flooring.. And any chance of walls?
  5. i think you have to be 25 blocks away for mobs to spawn but im not too sure :)
  6. where were you? if you're too close to the area they wont spawn, or if you're too far away they dont either (not sure if the too far away counts with Y direction though)
  7. It matters in all three axis. I think it's still 16 blocks for mobs but I haven't read all the 1.2.3 update list.
  8. The minimum distance you need to be away does, I'm not sure about the maximum distance though as I think it goes by chunks, as in mobs will only spawn up to 7(?) chunks away from you or 128 blocks before 1.2 doubled height limit it didn't matter, but now that height is doubled I'm not certain.