Mob Grinders, campfire discussion

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  1. OK, curious to know those that have grinders, how many mob spawners do you normally have in them / what is the most mob spawners you've found in an area?

    Trying to workout what's a good setup to look for..
  2. 0.0 spawners. I just make mob traps that KILL EVERYTHING!!! So I don't need to use up my swords.
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  3. Most spawners i have found in an area is 4 but only be able to link to successfully because cave spiders are better for it the other 2 are zombies :)
  4. Do you water funnel them down to a killing area? I got a few but they are far between so not sure what the best distance is to join them over or say it's too far.. Not sure if the spiders come towards you if your too far away?
  5. yeh they are water funneled to a killing area :)
  6. I say find a spawner and kill them like a man. :)
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  7. Mine has two, ive seen some with 3-4. Those are rare cause they have to be close enough together for u to stand somewhere in te spawn radius. Otherwise they dont work :(
  8. My brothers a noob and plays on peaceful all the time, he thinks he's so boss he went to the nether and found a couple blaze spawners on SSP. He brought iron blocks for an IRON GOLEM to protect him and started killing them with his full inventory of swords and melons. The iron golem died, and like 4 blazes spawned and whooped his nooby butt. It was hilarious to watch.
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  9. If its a blaze spawner, DON'T kill it like a man.
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  10. Well you can't funnel it cause it just goes into lava. Nether has got to be the most dangerous place to build anything.
  11. Ahh right, what is the spawn radius? 17 blocks?
  12. Yup 17 blocks according to the wiki. Though I've measured it at 16.4-ish meters.

    I use Rei's Minimap Addon and drop a waypoint on to of each spawner. That way I know the exact distance and when two or more fall into the same activation range.

    I just managed to activate 5 spawners simultaneously by standing in a spot 16.3 meters from one and 16.4 from another. I had to mine out a line of sight to confirm they were all active. Sadly I had to disable 2 of the spawners because of complications with plumbing and incompatible mob types.

    The other thing to consider is the "max 6 mobs of same type within 17x9x17" restriction - this means if you don't transport your spawn out of that area ASAP, your spawner will be "poofing" and not spawning - this is why I prefer dropping the spawned mobs down about 5 blocks as soon as they exit my trap room.
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  13. :( there is a 5 spawner secret xp farm on utopia... so sad its getting reset.
  14. 2 cave spider spawners 24 meters apart and a 3rd soon as I figure out how to pipe it in. :D
  15. Whos is that? Id love to see it before reset
  16. 2012-03-19_17.42.11.png 2012-03-19_17.42.13.png i got one look how many spawned when afk going to play a song on youtube :p