Mob Drops in 1.4

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  1. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to start this thread. Hopefully you all are ok with its location.

    Last night I was in the Wild and had two Skeletons drop bows which were used. I'm positive I only took a sword with me, so they had to have been dropped. Prior to this update, I had always gotten unused bows from them.

    This is the first I have heard of this, but I also have mostly ignored the update information so that it is more of a surprise to me. I don't recall seeing this in the lists of changes I have looked at.

    So now I'm wondering what other changes have been made that weren't documented.

    Can anyone confirm my observation? Has anyone gotten an unusual Zombie drop? Are they still dropping unused swords and helmets? What about pigmen? Other drops? What about spawner/grinder drops: Are they different as well?
  2. Pig men are dropping used gold swords
  3. Skeletons and Zombies now drop potatoes and carrots.
  4. Oh boy. Now an item with an even shorter lifespan. I've enchanted the helmets they drop and got a few aqua affinity/respiration that I use. Now I'll need to repair them first if I even bother.

    As consolation prizes, I suppose.

    Thanks for the confirmation, guys.
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  5. i thought mobs dropped heads :/ Not according to the Wiki
  6. Skeletons have always dropped bows, sometimes, they are enchanted.
  7. I'm aware of that. My point is that they've always been unused prior to this update. Now I'm getting used ones. I'm wondering what else has changed.
  8. Ah, gotchya.
  9. yeah mojang added that in 14 i like it since it now means having double chests full of power 1 bows. also im pretty sure that if you kill them before they can use said item it will be unused. tho i may be wrong im just going by what iv seen in lps on youtube
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