Mob arena time

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  1. Can somebody please tell me when this mob arena will take place? Tell me the hour in GMT.
    Also, when the next nether battle of icc will take place?
  2. Please tell me
  3. I think each time before the arena starts, Maxarias makes a thread. There is also an announcement on each smp. but i don't know when the next one is.
  4. I always miss everything :D
  5. It's generally between 8PM-11PM EST so +5 for rough GMT time (silly daylight savings)

    It's generally 'when it fits best into our schedule'.

    BigDavie is also going to start doing them in more EU friendly times.
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  6. Keep an eye for purple text xD
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  7. I thought they were in 8 pm GMT
  8. aikar carnt you do us 1/2 lol