Mob Arena Reimagined

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  1. So for the past week and a half I have been tinkering with a Mob Arena Design. It's not completely finished as you will see from the pictures, but the actual mob arena part is finished, just need to work on the back part(Hall of Champions) and the front market part(small player owned marketplace for mob arena related items). So let me know what you think about it so far.

    While I currently like the mob arena we have my OCD kicked in and made me build this for fun. so enjoy :)

    2013-02-15_14.18.04.png 2013-02-15_14.18.08.png 2013-02-15_14.18.10.png 2013-02-15_14.18.12.png 2013-02-15_14.18.17.png 2013-02-15_14.18.20.png 2013-02-15_14.18.23.png 2013-02-15_14.18.26.png 2013-02-15_14.18.29.png 2013-02-15_14.18.32.png 2013-02-15_14.18.35.png 2013-02-15_14.18.38.png 2013-02-15_14.18.50.png 2013-02-15_14.19.01.png 2013-02-15_14.19.06.png 2013-02-15_14.19.09.png 2013-02-15_14.19.14.png 2013-02-15_14.19.16.png 2013-02-15_14.19.18.png 2013-02-15_14.19.27.png
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  2. And the rest of the screenshots

    2013-02-15_14.19.39.png 2013-02-15_14.19.45.png 2013-02-15_14.19.51.png 2013-02-15_14.19.53.png 2013-02-15_14.19.54.png 2013-02-15_14.19.55.png 2013-02-15_14.20.01.png 2013-02-15_14.20.12.png 2013-02-15_14.20.15.png 2013-02-15_14.20.16.png 2013-02-15_14.20.35.png 2013-02-15_14.21.21.png 2013-02-15_14.21.30.png
  3. it looks nice but i for one dont like the dispencers being on the wall
  4. It would keep people from hugging the walls
  5. yes but thats why they have fire rounds
  6. Uh did you forget about fire res?

    EDIT: Nobody survives mob arena without fire res!
  7. That a question for me?
  8. I believe he was referring to:
  9. makes sense in my head now lol i've been up for over 36 hours
  10. It looks great! ;)
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  11. Nice
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  12. Added some to the Hall of Champions

    2013-02-15_16.12.54.png 2013-02-15_16.13.34.png 2013-02-15_16.13.39.png 2013-02-15_16.13.44.png 2013-02-15_16.13.52.png
  13. Here is my design [not finished] 2013-02-15_15.46.45.png 2013-02-15_15.46.45.png 2013-02-15_15.47.21.png 2013-02-15_15.47.05.png 2013-02-15_15.47.29.png 2013-02-15_15.47.43.png 2013-02-15_15.48.10.png 2013-02-15_15.50.58.png 2013-02-15_15.51.15.png
  14. Haer, If this was in default texture pack (which everyone has) then I could possibly evaluate it more, otherwise I like the design. Maybe ill fool around on some things
  15. Why do we need a new mob arena? The current one works perfectly.
  16. If you had read what I wrote, it states "While I currently like the mob arena we have my OCD kicked in and made me build this for fun. so enjoy :)"
  17. yeah its just suggestions on what we think a good one would look like